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1. Service
The FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS is used exclusively for promotional purposes for your account and advertising on Instagram. We do NOT need your Instagram credentials to operate our service as it is done through SPONSOR. These are used to go and interact with your niche audience and then drive traffic to your account. The method is legitimate and will increase your visibility exponentially, bringing you real Followers and Likes. The profiles and images with which your profile will interact may, albeit with low probability, contain inappropriate content (this is due to the fact that some photos using certain popular #s are sexual in nature)

2. Registration
We will need, as specified in point 1 of this page, your Instagram username to start the FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS service. We will not save or give your credentials to anyone. By registering you confirm that you are at least 13 years old.

You will not copy any programming code, text or images from the FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS site without written consent from a FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS representative.

4. Reviews
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5. Disclaimer
FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS is in no way responsible for any account suspension or image deletion by Instagram.
FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS is in no way responsible for any damage you or your business may find yourself suffering. We make no such warranties regarding the services we provide. Since FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS is based on the WEB we do not guarantee the uptime or availability of the Website. By accepting the terms and conditions at the time of payment, you, the customer, declare that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions of service, as well that Italian Adult users, foreign users can also arrive. By accepting the terms, the customer confirms that he knew what happened and if they should arrive, we exonerate our responsibility without offering any refund as the service is now in a "processing" state and we can sue in case of threats against us.

6. Payments without discount codes
FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS activates promotions only when the discount code for that particular promotion is entered. FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS has the obligation not to activate the discount code if it is not actually entered on the site at the time of purchase. FASTMEDIAFOLLOWERS keeps serious legal rules, to make the service always efficient and professional.